Geography with Pipo

26 Jan

Pipo has website. Who is Pipo? Nobody, just an interactive game’s character. But seriously, he has boosted my curiosity. One of Pipo’s game is about satellite bird’s pointing at earth. I googled here and there on the keywords “satellite bird business”. Hmmpppff… Ernst & Young (2006) reported that the most EBITDA margin in Media and Entertainment sector is satellite operations! Aha, tempeh and tofu are not alone.

One of my favourite websites (cannot tell you, not yet) provide me comprehensive information on satellite business. A complete list of satellite birds hammering all over the earth surface, they have up-to-this-second data. Yep, I am a bit stingy on data now.

OK, back to Pipo. No, fast forward. Back to satellite business. Indonesia might be the first in Asia to accomplish with Palapa 1. Yet, with too many birds today and less buyers in Asia made the retail transponder costs cheaper thus it became even “not so delicious pie of market”. Indostar AKA Cakrawarta even has itsy bitsy problem with “military orbit thingie” while proposing for the second, third and so-forth slotting. Yet, remember this: satellite business worldwide is the most prospective for ten years to come. Other distribution pipe shall be considered expensive yet too long to establish for such wide coverage areas.

Thank you Pipo. You made my day a step further.

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