War, Peace and Reflection of Death

27 Jan

Tolstoy may not be the my fave writer; yet his thoughts of “dying” come forward this morning. He watched his two brothers die slowly of tuberculosis and spent most of his life in fear of contracting the dread disease. He survived an acute attack of malaria, a serious infection in both lungs, and typhoid fever. In 1908 he had a series of minor strokes and developed phlebitis. He finally passed away of pneumonia.

Yet another movie I watched recently has become my fave of all time. Tear-jerking “Painted Veil” starring Edward Norton (again!) has revealed the most basic idea of human and husband-wife relationship. In the movie, Norton played as volunteered physicist and died not very long after handling cholera epidemic in China.

Today, in Kompas, stats said that Bush has made his country go down the drain with mounting debts. Now, my mind is drifting away, how would he die? Eventually, he’d die as divine decree of other living thing in this universe. He has sent many to fight and die on behalf of patriotism, yet everyone knows he just aimed for black gold. His decision cannot be tried, even if he is thrown away for a reason of coup de ‘etat (which is a fat chance, by the way).

There is no law to examine a policy and regulation made by a president; the only possible way is to cancel the decision. Hell yeah, bad thing has already happened. What’s to cancel? Return our tax money? It’s like “You used up our money on war, so when there is bad mortgage on the other side, you must return our money.”

Yes, Tolstoy is right. The death of each and every human being occurs only when this death becomes necessary for his own good and for the good of others. And yet, a leader with bad deeds shall face terrible death indeed.

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