Waking Up: WordPress yourself

30 Jan

*yawn* Already Jan. 30. Just now, after a quick napping I made some hot tea. Need to freshen up to start writing a loooong due presentation.  Sipping my tea, I started reading J Kristiadi’s column (again) in Kompas Jan. 29. His writings always soft but sharp.

Thinking and putting thoughts into good writings required 3 things:

  • the thoughts (of course),
  • hard work (exercising in the brain is more than muscle-wise work), and
  • experience in writing (how many thousands of letters and rejections, this matters most).

I don’t like writing poem, btw. I used to. I don’t like writing journals. I used to, too. I just find it easier today to express thoughts in longer longer words. I hated the skyrocketting tempe price and kedelai v. corn; I wrote them. I searched long hours just to find out how agrobusiness really worked out. I wrote them in 10 minutes. I love the idea of sertifikasi guru, I wrote it. Many many more things I read and think in a day, I just wrote them. Thanks for sharing.

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