Books with A Capital “S”

03 Feb

Accompanied by my husband, I met a colleague from Mimika last night. Dinner took place at somewhere nearby Gramedia Matraman. After dinner, we talked while browsing the bookstore. My friend will leave to Mimika tomorrow morning. “Money,” he says, “is not a big a deal for me.” Yet books are rare in farthest east area, Mimika. True, but good books are also hard to find. For his interests, I could recommend some. I let him dig more after I pointed some titles. I bought myself a couple of books, too.


Tonight I heard that Gramedia Bekasi discarded a book out of the shelf. It is written by Mardiono (?) about Soeharto’s past actions, terrible ones of course. A woman customer complained that the book was insulting, and the store manager there showed off her authority fast. This is a terrible action number two!


Not so many people are willing to re-learn fast, even some are not willing to learn at all. I got acquainted with many many friends outside Java whom I just met once. Once in awhile I send them books or any writings that would help their works. They need to learn, re-learn and keep up with the latest happenings outside their hometown.

Today I might despise the idea of Gramedia Bekasi’s action today, but I shall learn and re-learn that the store manager might be just a bit scared of political-hocus-pocus kind of complaints. Or she is just as ignorant as the woman who complained.

Books with Soul are the ones I remembered, and many many friends of mine shall remember, too. There are many many books with Soul that I cannot read even if I cross out all sleeping hours for reading.

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