Blog: Private-sphere that Goes Public

07 Feb

There’s a time and a place and a reason
And I know I got a love to believe in
All I know got to win this time

I was “entertained” by the idea of “detailed reportage” on Soeharto (oh, not him again!). From the position of the bed to the pills he had to take before passed away, one TV producer posted a person to look after the details. Amazing, and what’s that for? IMHO, that is another way for “sorry and please forget anything?” This is the real power of one-to-many media: love or hate your subject.

Blogosphere is a many-to-many media. It is the realm of writing “seenak udel” that has the similarity of Soeharto’s reportage. Via blogging, I could turn my private life a little bit open in public. Thus I need to have “love” (or “hatred” which is not in any of my writings at the moment of typing). I need love in my writing to make everyone turn on, tune in, and drop out of any story. There are 25 ways to concept a blog beforehand. Pick one, and even gain some money out of it.

Seriously, I’ve been doing blogstalking for the last 6 hours, and I could love thus question any silly markings or wrong grammatical expressions. Most of all I laughed at some silly blogs. There is truth and “spices” that lie between exposing of her feelings out loud and not revealing any identities of whatsoever!

Well, that is blogging, dear. My private life that goes public. See a little bit, be entertained, and yet forget me the second you close this window (unless you bookmark this page online or with your Firefox facility).


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