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The Fun News is…

1. Hillary Clinton’s Polka Dot Disaster Daster? New topic to campaign bloopers: fashion paux. And how many female leaders got media’s bad coverage? Sure, it’s a darned male world out there. Been there, done that. Excusez-moi…

2. HarperCollins, one of News Corp’s moneymakers, now revitalizes the business model “Look but Don’t Touch, Read but Don’t Print ‘Em, er Read but Buy ‘Em within a Month, errr Read but Gimme Gimme Your Money After You Taste A Month of Coelho’s Newest Piece… HUMPFH!” News Corp is into online, alright. And HarperCollins provides one NEW Coelho every month for free, unless you want to collect them.”Hey, buy ’em altogether!” Oh, they are good.

3. Leapfrogging Tech: I used my cell phone as radio all day all night. A no-go news? This is my blog; I typed whatever I desired. I need a Number Three of anything anyways.

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Presiden José Ramos-Horta Tertembak

No comment. Just condolence.

Infant country, lots of other ppl’s interference.

Please read all about it at or

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