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Money for nothing, or East for Leste

People invest too much, raise the rate. People save too much, lower the rate. A neverending story.

Not so fast.

War is independent variable. Disaster is another. President got shot is tragedy. The country is going down the drain for sure.


Invest or save, people must trust Bank Indonesia or a country for their money. Bank Indonesia must stand still today, and Timor Leste must do another election before Aussie troops married one of the girls there. Or before they are claiming estates for their deeds. Or someone needs this after Horta got shot. Or whatever, Horta shall take a little break today.

We have other thousands of islands richer than Timor Leste. This is a problem alright. East Nusa Tenggara is leasing its islands for 30 or thousand more years. A piece of 80% of the Sula Island natural reserve belongs to one person. Everyone can have an island to invest.

Meanwhile, we see consumer goods prices are skyrocketting. And less money to spend. Let alone savings. Blurrrh…

Different kind of headaches. Just one thing in common: the right prescription. Come again, what’s the prescription for Indonesia or Timor Leste? Paramex is the best.

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