Co-working, Beybeh!

23 Feb

I study full time (half of it physically going to class, and half of it googling my way through anything).

I work also full time (half of it at home, and half of it going to physical office in Pondok Indah or Tebet or Sudirman).


Not really. I am (sort of) co-working with real people just to have ideas of anything. Sharing information I’ve learned during waking hours of working nights. I am studying for a formal degree, yet I am also learning from virtual teachers on the net. The idea of co-working came up when the network is matured and everyone is the ultimate decision maker of herself (like me). Click here for the recent study.

This is another Wiki (sort of) governance.  A word of its own, “quick” thus somewhere but anywhere. I am not opening a working space for others, yet I am providing myself a whole lot of work at different space (still) at flexible timing. Yes, Wiki-of-everything results: good performance over own personal drive in a so-called community.


I thnik so (typo is intentional).


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