Long Weekend: ?

06 Mar

Still had the same wonder everytime I passed by that area. Fifty men not working, sitting in warung. Sipping coffe or just smoking. Not doing anything only catching up same old, same old. Tonite I am still awake, tired but not sleepy. I conclude a new horizon about dialog on theory of economy. That Stephen Hawking shall come up with new theory of big bang particles and the rest of the universe. A dialog of Einstein and Newton. Of Milton Friedman and Robert M. Solow. Of me and my new pair of glasses.


This song keeps playing inside my head, “You had a bad day, you’re taking one down…” and I am having a ball today, exhaustively speaking. I feel very responsible seeing those men laying low while I wish I had more time and energy everyday to finish many things. I must read all materials on distribution theory. I must finish the proposal by 16th this month. I must meet someone err two people tomorrow. I must arrange the new column. I must go to my shopping arcade first thing in the morning, feed all the babies well (even the daddy), and I think any public-policy related topics are not for tonight’s writing. “Will you need a blue sky holiday? The point is they laugh at what you say… and I don’t need no carryin’ on…”


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