Drama Drama! Forever Love of Drama…

06 Apr

This afternoon SBY visited Cempaka Baru slum area, had a five minute talk, and back to poco-poco? Today’s Panji Koming hit it off so hilariously! JK had it more subtle. Wiranto? Didn’t read the exact news of the last two leaders, but that just stays crispy (read: garing!) for not being honest.

The magnet of 2009 is getting stronger everyday, and I get more worried by seconds. General election shall be considered a fair & balanced event for every candidate. KPU (Komisi Pemilihan Umum or General Election Commission) has promised to update the voters’ data and verify all contestants (read: political parties). New names appear as old faces are peeking and booing the system. Some threshold winners are probably wait till deadline. Click here for those names.

I am not being cynical towards 2009. I just feel uncertain. Not enough people I met, discussed with, and confirmed me about the election candidacies. One thing for sure, there are old sins (of the orba ppl) and new sins (the so-called reformists); and all are not thinking any forward effects for the people. That’s right there are “biofuel attacks” that influenced much or less a resession, a long run process. That’s right there are corruption still hard to extinct. Many reasons are supposedly calculated and managed. At any possible risks. Where are the visions, y’all?

My point is, I think SBY shall need more than image of singing and a little bit of “for the poor” one chapter drama. JK shall not laugh on how Golkar won in the past. Repeat, don’t start bleeding the old wound. New parties, step aside. There are enough Goliaths to fight, not to mention these old chunks and hunks that have the most tactics ever practiced. I was a bit surprised knowing Pak Adisurya Abdy as one among many “new” names. He probably knows that this is not a promo tour of “Buku Harian” sinetron. I am hoping he has the most strategies before he signed in. But then again, “Buku Harian” back then was the one and only drama played on prime time.

Tell you a secret, Pak Adi. Just be honest to any soccer moms, can you? I vote for you if you are selling more than a drama.

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