Content? What Content?

16 Apr

Chunk of content, that’s what everyone needs today. If someone is being nudged about indecent content shown on TV, let them be. Subject of the law is not the entertainer, but the TV station. [read the story, err… news here]

If I don’t like vulgarity shown on Youtube, I just flag it. I don’t like Ruben, I switch to other channel. Heck, Indosiar signal at my tube is not clear anyway. The most important thing of their acts (vulgar or polite, d’uh… TV, polite?) was not the last chapter of media competition. I don’t think this bunch of TV stations shall survive after 2009. Spacetoon is on sale today, no price tag yet, but it is not going to be a high bid due to uncertain licences and other bureaucratic process. Many local stations are dying. Big names are having a cutthroat competition and selling less than polite content. I just don’t care.

What I care is when access to Youtube is closed. What I care is when TV and radio stations all over Indonesia is on sale for penetrating political messages. And those stations are interfering with our comfort zone. Look at my TV, semut bo’!


I just let go my children play in the neighbourhood all day… running and laughing with their friends. When they are at home is the time for books and Youtube. Yep, who needs passive content today? Only the information have-nots, or I shall say, the have-nots of everything? I bet.

(Right! I just add this line a minute ago. There is an enlightening article, read here)

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