“Bad News” is not good for my rating

19 Apr

For three days I haven’t seen news or clicked any link in detikcom, I just felt good. I knew about the fire in Grand Indonesia, I heard my hubby mumbling when reading Kompas. For three days I learned bawang merah is some kind of gone into thin air after its price dropped a little bit. An old trick to raise price. For three days I learned nothing new.

Fact is, I got cold. And I need something to escape with: hot orange juice and good readings. CS Lewis, Edgar Allan Poe, Mary Higgins-Clark are amongst the must-read, at least once in my lifetime. Probably poems, too. I loved Wordsworth once. Or local writers like Marah Roesli? Ah, I need something lighter.


I don’t need bad news. CBS even cut loss by providing good news. Viewer age remains a concern while CBS has traditionally attracted more total U.S. viewers than its competitors, its average viewer tends to be older, beyond the demographic groups that many advertisers prefer to reach. To date this season, the network’s median age is 52.9, compared with 45.2 for Fox, 48.4 for NBC and 49.6 for ABC. This year, perhaps trying to appeal to younger viewers, CBS will introduce four mixed martial-arts shows Saturday nights in the United States.

What about Liputan 6 whom once attracted viewers with unabashed Ira Koesno-Arief Suditomo duet? What about Metro TV smiley anchorwomen? Ten TV stations in Jakarta are jumbled content. What about our younger viewers. Yay, not that easy. They are kind of blogging and facebooking for news. They even unaware of happenings due to their “gw bgt” attitude. They went for fun karaoke or singing contest. They are singing their heart out and still need push entertainment served to their laps. Me or younger generations are looking for pull news. The hectic, bad news provided by television is crowding out.

I am too serious, aren’t I?

*away from my keyboard*

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