ASEAN Charter: Complications Ahead

09 Okt

ASEAN Charter shall become effective on paper. I bet, it is only on paper for a couple of years.

There shall be long years and pretty much hopes for uncertainty. There are too many complexities for such small amount of members. Indonesia no longer leads the crowd. True, there once Soeharto with GNB (gerakan non-blok, for not taking aside in the parties involved in the Cold War). There EU to describe such successful entity for taking away sovereignty.  There goes USA with stinky morgage.

If only we commit to less corruption bureaucacies and “jam karet”–to name some bad traits many Indonesians believe in up till today–then we must face the “maunya banyak” Singaporeans and stiff parties in northern part of ASEAN. There shall be no jargons. We shall work harder to fix the institutional pillars. Can we achieve Vision 2020–oops 2015–based on this Charter? When we cannot agree on good vs bad traits to sort out among us, there shall be no vision, then…

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