Arsip Harian: November 1, 2008

A different view now

Ten years ago
sales ppl/marketers used to do for a living is yell at strangers
that we would buy tv commercials
hope that strangers are sought
and if enough strangers are sought
they would send us money
we’d rent a phone lister
send her sales people out
call on purchasing agents
and if call on enough  purchasing agents
we’d sell stuff
and that’s what we did for a hundred years
then the web came along

— Seth Godin —


Applications are pieced together, in a number of characteristics:
– applications are relatively small, – data in the cloud
– applications can run on any device pc or mobile phone
– applications are fast and very customizable
– applications are distributed virally, by social networks, by email (won’t go to store and purchase them)
Solves a lot of problems and works everywhere…

— Eric Schmidt —

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