Saya tidak berpikir citra soalnya…

19 Nov

Bahwa usaha itu kemudian diapresiasi, alhamdulillah… tapi saya tidak berburu bintang-bintang.


Taking a little break tonight. A job never finished on time. *sigh*

Now I am listening (not watching) Metro TV; it’s Pak Wapres Jusuf Kalla on an exclusive dialog. Toward all tricky answers, Pak Jusuf Kalla seemed excited. I am sure question list has already been proposed to the House of Vice President for protocol purpose. On the other hand, while answering about Golkar, not the govt’s policies, Pak Wapres seemed too cautious. I respect his answers, although it seemed too be carefully crafted. The topic “conflict and unity” yet a bit lost at the end of the dialog.

I am too impressed with Pak Wapres’s answers toward Papua, Aceh, Poso, Maluku conflicts. My special note is about his remarks on Pilkada (local election) with its annoying frequencies of implementation: hundreds and more for the last 3 years. I agree. For not wasting state budget, for not wasting my time. I go back and forth to local govt public office (read: kelurahan) for updating my data towards upcoming election, of any scope.

Hence, I am still thinking of other distinctive leaders to speak fluently in Metro TV. I scored Pak Amien Rais below Pak Jusuf Kalla in terms of performance on a TV dialog. Score 8 for Pak Kalla, and 7 for Pak Amien. It’s all about flashing image. Let’s wait for others, shall we?


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