Book Review: Crowd to the Bottom of It

25 Des

I just finished reading a new book ‘Crowd’ by a marketer Yuswohady. Nothing new, at least for me. Ten-minute break for me.

The good side is the quality paper thus interesting layout. The flops, as I see it, are more to language. Easy to read, though sometimes it breaks the very basic of it: spelling. He tries to talk to the reader, but he forgets to warn the editor about putting the right dots, making sure permission on every quotation, or even finding the correct name of eminent persons. It’s Chris ANDERSON, for crying out loud, not Andersen.

More to that is that there is no further explanation on implementation for business, bureaucracy or other institution of Indonesia’s atmosphere. He also forgot to note that there are barriers such as: less Net connection than other countries, and  English is a number-three language in this country. For this scoring, I would say this book is rather camera-view reporting than enlightment.

Beyond all flops of the book, you may not want someone to steal your identity and personal info. For this security reason, do not visit Maybe the site’s owner did not realize this, but Mozilla has helped me to do “safe surfing”. His website has this malware warning sign about Phishing attacks. What are they? They usually come from email messages that attempt to lure the recipient into updating their personal information on fake, but very real looking, Web sites.

I don’t want anybody sending me emails or call my number without my consent. “Hello, I would like to set up an appointment for this business… bla bla bla.” If you are annoyed by this calls or spammers, do note that it all starts from entering a Web site like that.

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