The Beauty of Soccer

08 Jan

LSI vs. LPI. For you doesn’t follow what’s going on in Indonesia’s soccer industry, here goes…

LSI is a Liga Super Indonesia; sponsored by one of cigarette brand, that’s where the “super” derived from. LPI or Liga Primer Indonesia (hoping it is not another cigarette brand) is created solely by Arifin Panigoro, a coal-mine taipan who has the guts to declare war with PSSI, the root of LSI.

Anyway, nevermind the lungs cancer and soccer relationship. I am just going to highlight Irfan Bachdim stardom in this chaos of management and leadership. Who needs who? PSSI (read: LSI) is going to go down the sink if LPI proves itself to be a better management and better leadership. Strong like the coal, Panigoro shall demolish all gaps among clubs and officials. Hopefully, too, internal corruption can be pressed to near-zero percentage

Let’s pray for the best… competition is always good, even in Indonesia.

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2 responses to “The Beauty of Soccer

  1. andinoeg

    Januari 9, 2011 at 1:46 am

    Kapan selesai masalah

    • Mila

      Januari 9, 2011 at 2:59 pm

      let the best men win… karena bola itu bulat tak berujung pangkal, biarkan ia bergulir indah… dan penonton bisa menentukan mana tontonan indah, mana buruk… enjoy every minute of it!


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