‘Preman’ was here

09 Jan
A leader is best when people barely know he exists...
not so good when people obey and acclaim him, worse when they despise him...
(Lao Tzu)

This country is, again, hopeless. Law is made, here, to be broken. As long as everything is procedural, stealing money is allowed in this country. I had a little time to check what’s wrong, but they surely have had fun for decades on behalf of the people. I cannot tell the details in such small space, but I surely know what is weird about this article (click here for the news). One guy  in the news, the so-called clean man from West Sumatra, is definitely successful with his anti-corruption campaign (again, click here for another news). The other guy is waiting for his sentence on corruption case, dana bansos they call it,  (click here again) for a tour & travel package of his stupid family gathering plus to-and-fro-dunno-where gifts of flower arrangements.  Oh, by the way, Tomohon is located in North Sumatra, the highland cool-breeze area, with beautiful scenery of flowers and many other plant species. Beautiful, beautiful place to meditate. I could write a book or two if I stay there in a week.

OK, back to the first guy from West Sumatra and the other guy from North Sulawesi. Why the people need a leader? A true leader, that is. In today’s corruptive system, I am still waiting for a true leader to bend the existing system or even fight for a new. I don’t need Gamawan Fauzi to bend rules for adjusting “a potential corruptor” that is already behind bars. I don’t need a Jefferson Rumajar who has traveled first class with a whole package of his socialite family. Public servants are serving the public, not playing tricks with the public. The latter is usually called ‘preman’. Make no mistakes, it is not superman’s half brother.

Considered these preman leaders would say: “bend any rules that are on the way to halt our money”. They are living in fancy glamorous lives whilst the people are starving and watching those prices skyrocketting fast. What went wrong with this picture? Nothing. I am just living in a wrong country, for sure. I don’t need any leaders who bend rules not for the people. We don’t need corruptive government.

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One response to “‘Preman’ was here

  1. andinoeg

    Januari 9, 2011 at 4:41 pm

    Di mana-mana selalu ada premanisme dan korupsi, hah…


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