This Month’s Must-Read Book: How to Fix Copyright

06 Jun

Yeah right, Indonesia follows China in case of piracy rate ranked by USPTO and WTO. USPTO is a US agency for patents and trademarks, and WTO coined TRIPS, the trade-related intellectual property rights thingy. Just in case you guys want to broaden your views on how and what is copyrights yesteryears versus today and tomorrow… click here for a copy of the book, and here for the video interview. It is written by a Google lawyer on copyrights and  once a copyright counsel to the US House of Representatives and policy planning advisor to the US Register of Copyrights.

Copyright has been an intense debade topic for the last decades. It became rigid when analog technology got swiped by digital of everything. What to do when billions of us become criminals by international laws (coined by USA and those productive big-buck studios)?

“Law is not the solution to business problems.”
Sounds far-fetched in Indonesia, where everything procedural does not breaking any laws. See the existing dogma of procedural corruptors got no punishment of whatsoever. This is very challenging situation for the not-too-insane commons?

Note: I didn’t upload this e-book, but this is a reliable link. Good luck!

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