(LIVE BLOG) ITC WEDF 2012: Targeted Support Services

16 Okt

It’s not just banking, but also activities of SMEs that may be conducted by Targeted Support Services include:
a) Activities of daily living or living skills including shopping, travel training, money handling, self care, communication skills;
b) Community integration and social participation activities;
c) Literacy and numeracy training, including use of computers;
d) Arts and craft activities;
e) Group training and individual training in employment related skills;
f) Provision of information to clients about Targeted Support Services.

Click here and here for more on Targeted Support Service forms.

BRI has an empowerment program, to give role-over part of soft loans for local tenants. Fragmented clienteles to sort in 8500 offices, is by helping the locals to increase the quality of products or expand the markets, even by taking them to overseas market exhibition.

Efforts of PromPeru, the Peru Tourism Board, consist of promoting Biotrade and tapping on to the fast-growing tourism market in Asia. Peru’s official Tourism Board will also host Tucano Peru; Lima-based pioneer of inbound travel renowned for their high standards of service quality, as co-exhibitor at the annual travel trade show. Click here for destinations in Peru.

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