Mother Earth

23 Feb

Gaia is a personification of a mother earth. Pertiwi is another name. Why the blue gravity-heat-magnet planet means something of a more caring and protective persona? Yes. I go to my mother for bad days. I told any stories *bawel* when I was a kid, eventhough my mom was busy doing something else. I just need comfy of heart. “Ibu denger aja, aku mau cerita!” and even my youngest son approached me on daily basis with this same sentence.

Protect the earth, and it shall do the vice versa. Love you, too, Mom. Miss you so much. I am sorry I cannot protect you like ordinary people do. We are surely extraordinary mother-daughter of all time! *sweet dreams*


Since this is a public policy blog that I own, despite my many blogs of other topics I seldom visit, I must say something about this specific policy: Earth Charter (see: earthcharter). Live long and prosper… Earth!

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