Of Lust and Crime

12 Mei

Strategic issue management is today’s must-have skill for any PR officers. Or for newbie artists? To get used to with “what’s hot” and “what’s not” is also an art. Back then newsworthy means 1 X 24 hours or else the news got stale and faded. Today? It got measured up till 2 minutes top. Really! It is speedier and shorter. Think 140 characters and the audience turns elsewhere. Any news about scandals, be it sexual or criminal angle, look further. Don’t judge too quickly.

Okay, here’s the tips. Think 1-2-3 instead. First, when you read any news, read carefully the dictum. Secondly, you must look up the background of its 5W1H. Who’s talking about whom with what history beforehand and why… et cetera. Lastly, you must foresee the implications after he or she made the news. It’s like playing chess board, only fast forward.

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