Insider Trading, So What?

02 Nov

I am in the information business, the fun part, not the *think-wrinkled* part. Financial business, is an intangible business. And anything with intangible status is sensitively proned to rumors. My fun part is that any actress who gets most media coverage is likely to get the most fees for every episode or off-air stage show. When she got caught for using drugs, then auto-reject mode is on. Her contract to many product she represents got scrapped immediately. Fire… fire… pants on liar? #eh

And then the financial business. There is actually room to deny or to correct any news, if the news bureau is gentlemen enough to post the correction. Let alone the *media abal-abal*. The complexities of one issue led to another and another and another… is that the media must be responsible and aware of the side effects. Someone’s career in jeopardize. Someone’s lives are dependent on the subject of the *rumor*. One topic that caught my attention is that there is so much rumors today than 10 years ago. There is so many people are caught on the web not-so-kind words of mouth. Gossip for actress is allowed as far as the celebrity finds is mutual for her career, even as nasty as divorce highlights for a month! For financial business, this is not the case because financial industries are working on prudency and privacy. Oh yeah, money is privacy issues. If I know how much I am worth, then I would not want to travel without masker (remember Michael Jackson’s gas mask everywhere he wore then whe he was alive?)

Okelah kalau begitu… we must focus on what’s really the issue on every subject any media highlighted on daily basis, let alone seconds (

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