Hibernated, Prioritized

13 Jun

Writing and reading. Yes, I got kinda fed up with the bling-bling life  that I cannot cooped up with. The thrill was something, but the reward was nothing. I could have written more, done something else for any good deeds or causes. For a week of “reclining ’em all”, I have finished writing another non fiction book with so so so tiresome (but satisfactorily wholesome) of deep research. What I love about writing is that I could onnect the loose ends, connecting those dots into something VOILA! I thought so, too! Or, ach so, I did not expect that…

The thrill is not for me. It is for others’ sake. I could confirm and conform them with new data, outrageous thoughts. But now, I must get out and meet some old buddies. Recharging after hibernating for a not-going-out-no-makeup-nor-dressup week is something. Yes, I only have few trustworthy, my-life-at-stake-trusted friends, and I always look forward to meeting those valuable friends. I keep them for keeping my life on track. Priority friends, see you tonite!

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