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(LIVE BLOG) Growing Value: Meething the Demands of New Consumer Markets While Strengthening Local Value Addition

Panjang bener ya judulnya?

Intinya sesungguhnya “buka pasar baru” dengan penekanan posisi (positioning) baru, yaitu “rasa lokal”. Pendekatan ini tidaklah baru, Pemain baru di satu pasar sebenarnya juga tidak perlu susah “menemukan” teknologi termutakhir, karena hanya perlu “melanjutkan”. Argumen terakhir ini cukup penting, mengingat perang paten kian marak beberapa tahun terakhir (contoh: Apple dan Samsung). Pemain baru kemudian harus memanfaatkan teknologi baru, termasuk media baru yang didorong oleh teknologi termutakhir, agar pemanfaatan pasarnya lebih optimal.

Pembicara siang ini adalah:

1. HE Dr Mari Elka Pangestu, Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy, Republic of Indonesia

2. HE Mr Tim Groser, Minister of Trade, Minister for Climate Change Issues, and Associate Minister of Foreign Affairs, New Zealand

3. Ms Zuhal Mansfield, Chairperson, TMG Mining and Manufacturing Ltd Sti and President, Turkish-Egyptian Business Counsil, Foreign Economic Relations Board (DEIK), Turkey

4. Mr Douglas Comrie, Managing Director, B&M Analyss, and Chief Facilitator of the Durban Automotive Cluster (DAC), South Africa

5. Mr Suryo Suwignjo, Presiden Director, IBM Indonesia

6. Dr James Zhan, Director, Investment and Enterprise Division, UNCTAD

Marie Pangestu: to have positioning in global consumer market, first in Indonesia and Asia Pacific of new market, a growing middle class, growth 37% of middle class population to grow. Three things happen in this market:

1. Women 62% who make decision to buy.

2. Consumption pattern that is different today from the past. Social media triggers it.

3. Making tangible products vs. intangible products. Buy things [and experience].

There is niche products here. Example is co-production Indonesian animation production house with the ones in Seoul and Hollywood. In the future, could be with New Zealand.

Tim Groser: sustain on global process, reduce compliance costs, dimension has grown for small economies by participating in global value chains by producing one component over total products.

Chatib Basri: The higher value chain; Indonesia is not producing cheap textile but batik as lifestyle.

Douglas Comrie: Build an honest local value. Enable regional trade.

Zuhal Mansfield: Growing export numbers, growing tourism numbers since 1995. Diversification of manufacturing areas in Turkey.

Suryo Suwignjo: Growing middle class, but the global market is actually changing. *btw, I LIKE THIS GUY*