Damage Control

19 Feb


A well-prepared plan must make room for 10% messed-up (DoD Damage Control Manual – jp1_03). But when one plan got busted after another, then I must decide. I cannot control random acts, nor mediocre teammates.

Some weeks ago I could not  meet & greet the local govt officers properly for we were verrrrrry late (due to last-minute notice of detouring and picking some random friend who loved to travel, no specific target to travel, just travel!) and my many goals for the local govt officers just went off to smoke *sabar*

Last week a plan got cancelled, just for another random-travel excuses. *sabar*

Twice is enough.This week, another cancellation of a follow-up meeting. The excuse? Too many. Well, it is about time!

I need to surround myself with people who gonna challenge me to the next level, or else…

#changegeotagging #sabaradabatas

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