If I was a sculpture…

13 Mar

But then again… I am not.

Some people think I am a snob. So be it. Some people think I am bragging too much, but so what if I know too much, too? At least I claim I do know. Not more than anyone else. Just trying to comprehend the mysteries of anything.

One thing that has been crossing in my mind for the last month is the launching of Samsung S6 with VR goggle. HTC and Sony held a huge press conference, too, the following day.

The colliding idea of human interaction in real world versus virtual world is very disturbing today. Virtual reality, virtual augmented reality and augmented reality, what’s the virtue of them all? What’s not real?

Confusion. My feelings are real, but not in my head. Or, my head is here but not my mind. Whatever.

2014-cosc-426-lecture-2-augmented-reality-technology-6-638[1]I do not own this pic, just took it randomly via Google search
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