Jambi Heritage: Another Steps Forward

21 Jul

Identifying and archiving what my friend and I have found for the last 3 months were pretty much satisfying. The first time I flew to Jambi was in 2005. Unfortunately, due to thick haze, the plane could not see the runway. Two times failed to land, the plane returned to Jakarta. My bad!

This year, I managed to go to Jambi for the tenth time now! How have I got so much going on inside my head, yet so little time and energy… and now I am looking forward to Malam Keagungan Melayu Jambi. I am not the rempong panitia, but I really look forward to it! As much eagerness to Candi Muarojambi next step to Unesco’s World Cultural Heritage, and Geopark Merangin to Unesco’s World Natural Heritage. Ah, one more thing, Tengkuluk or Kuluk could be one of Intangible Cultural Heritage, just like Batik (the process, the traditions, and its philosophy of motives). Gotta love ’em all!


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